7/30/2005 05:20:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|Yes, this has to be the moment you guys are waiting for. I'm officially releasing the names of the winners of the contest I organized for the duration of last week. Bear in mind it was difficult to choose the winners, but then again, the 3 winners receive the same prize, which is an Initial D : Live Action Movie VCD (Uncle Ho Edition), so what the heck lah. Here goes... 2nd Runner-Up! It's Simon's Iswara! I like this picture because it is one of those rare moments I get to see a fellow Iswara breezing through lots of trees, just like its commercial (yeah, right!). No lah, I guess the colour combination really suited this picture, so there you go Simon, a winning entry! Congrats! Next up... 1st Runner-Up!! This is a really great picture of Yee Wei drifting his Prado. Amazing that such a big monster like a Prado can actually go sideways-lock. I always had the opinion it would tumble away....but this photo proved me wrong ... (unless it was superbly photoshopped..heheheh). Anyway, congrats Yee Wei, you're no. 2! You must be thinking who the hell had a better picture eh, through my headlights? It is this one. THE GRAND WINNER!!! Which car won't be moved to dripping water from his/her nozzles than seeing a master really caring for his/her car? Jimmy Ang certainly deserved this allocade as the main winner, posing his ass infront of his Saga. Creative, inspiring, original and gross (his bum)....and he really showed us that he loves his car (I hope I'm not implying he is in love with his car, that would bring about a different meaning). Well done Jimmy! To all winners, thanks for your entry and congrats on winning for yourselves a copy of the VCD! Be sure to email me your snail mailing address (send to jfe8555@gmail.com) so I can send you your prizes! And check your mail soon for the banner I'm going to send to you. :-) To the losers, don't worry, be happy, at least you tried and who knows, you may become winners in my next contest. ;-) Until then, watch this space!|W|P|112271681484830528|W|P|The Winners of the 'Me and My Car' Photo Contest!|W|P|7/28/2005 05:02:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|Guys, here is something, which I think Yee Wei will take a particular interest in. Yesterday, I pledged USD5 for the Blogathon under the bloggersaremorons blog. I don't know why I chose to donate 5 bucks, I guess after conversion RM18 is just nice for my master to donate in my name. But then, after a while I started thinking, is there another unexplainable explanation why I chose USD5? Let me explain. Take a look at the numbers in my identity plate. JFE 8555. You will notice 8, 5, 5 and 5 (duh). What do you get when you add up all those digits to become a single digit? a. 8 + 5 + 5 + 5 = 23 -> 2 + 3 = 5 OK, so that may be a coincidence. But what about these? b. (8 + 5) + (5 + 5) = (13) + (10) -> (1+3) + (1+ 0) -> 4 + 1 = 5 or c. (8 + 5 + 5) + 5 = (18) + 5 -> (1 + 8) + 5 -> 9 + 5 -> 14 -> 1 + 4 = 5 or even d. 8 + (5 + 5 + 5) = 8 + (15) -> 8 + (1+ 5) -> 8 + 6 -> 14 -> 1 + 4 = 5 By now, just thinking about this made my engine temperature rise up drastically. Exploring further, I decided to try dividing the numbers in half.... e. initial answer from a. is 23 -> 23 X 0.5 = 11.5 ...so 11.5 + 11.5 = 23 ..but if (1 + 1 + 5) + (1 + 1 + 5) -> 7 + 7 -> 14 -> 1 + 4 = 5 oh wow... f. initial answer from b. is (13) + (10) -> 13 X 0.5 = 6.5 and 10 X 0.5 = 5 ...so (6.5 + 6.5) + 5 + 5 = 23 ..but if (6 + 5 + 6 + 5) + (5 + 5) -> 22 + 10 -> 32 -> 3 + 2 = 5 ....engine temperature is now in the RED ZONE.... g. initial answer from c. is (18) + (5) -> 18 X 0.5 = 9 and 5 X 0.5 = 2.5 ...so (9 + 9) + 2.5 + 2.5 = 23 ..but if (9 + 9) + (2 + 5 + 2 + 5) -> 18 + 14 -> 32 -> 3 + 2 = 5 ....argh......can't...take...any...more..... h. initial answer from d. is (8) + (15) -> 8 X 0.5 = 4 and 15 X 0.5 = 7.5 ...so (4 + 4) + 7.5 + 7.5 = 23 ..but if (4 + 4) + (7 + 5 + 7 + 5) -> 8 + 24 -> 32 -> 3 + 2 = 5 *VRROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!* *Switches on hazard lights* By now, my engine was revving WAY TOO HIGH that I just had to stop. Good thing too, coz if not I would have blown my own engine (no pun intended). However, I think I fused my clock :-( Wow. Seems my lucky number is the number 5. I always knew I had a special name. Now it has become all the more special. :-) No wonder I was able to protect Mr. Deen in that accident two years ago....My namenumber actually means something. Heheheh. And you guys will find out the meaning of my number soon enough ;-). Kids, pay attention to the number 5 on Sesame Street. It's a 'star'!|W|P|112254188713408114|W|P|8 + 5 + 5 + 5 = ? ........You still get 5!|W|P|7/27/2005 09:19:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|
Bloggers Are Morons
Actually, for more info, you can click that button made by Kenny Sia. Nope, ignorance is not a bliss, so if you care about some poor humans suffering from variable diseases and illnesses, I urge you to participate. Which means you have to donate. I can't do much since I'm just a car. It's not like I can run in an endurance race to raise money for charity (even though I want to). Better still, I can plegde to run a few laps around the Batu Tiga raceway if I WERE SPONSORED to race. Unfortunately, this may only happen in the distant future and not now but you humans have the power to make a difference. Yes, do consider parting with a certain percentage of your cash for the donation. The current ringgit de-peg is motivating enough (coz amounts to be donated are in USD), so please consider a bit lah. I'm sure your car can understand if you forgo a week of car wash or decide to postpone buying that new bottle of Ambipur Car. People need it more now. I'm pestering Din to do something about this and he said he will. Good to know persintance pays off sometimes. Anyway, for more details, you can go to where the morons are (my blogging idol Paul Tan is one of them) at bloggersaremorons.com. p.s. I have pledged USD5 already at the site. My master will bank in the cash at Southern Bank, and the donation is in my name. Woohoo~! Finally I'm doing something for charity! p.s.2 Nothing wrong with a donation in my name right?|W|P|112247131122679327|W|P|You haven't heard about the blogathon?|W|P|7/26/2005 05:40:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|Nothing much to say today. Pondering about the winners of my photo contest that I'm having. Meanwhile, you can have a look at the photo below, which I will explain later.... When lah that guy gonna bring me to Genting....|W|P|112237107314413703|W|P|A collage....Din driving me.|W|P|7/26/2005 05:05:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|.....coming soon. ;-) I have a grand total of FOUR entries.....which means, somebody isn't going to win the contest. This itself is giving me a heated engine because I do not know who is not going to get a prize, since there are just 3 available VCDs of the Movie. Plus there was a request to make a banner so they can display it proudly at their sites. In progress... Watch out for the news coming soon....|W|P|112236925014894774|W|P|And the winners of the "Me and My Car" Photo Contest are.....|W|P|7/25/2005 05:09:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|Got tagged by Yee Wei. Memes eh? What else is new? What is your internet connection speed? 10 mbps List any two movies you like. Initial D, 2 Fast 2 Furious What are a few of your material wants? An Evo 7 engine, big exhaust pipe, Enkei 15" Rims, Bucket Seats, Pioneer ICE, Brembo Brakes, V-cool.... Which religion(s) do you adhere to? Are you a staunch believer? My religion is 'motoring'. My God is Optimus Prime.......no lah...it's the Ford Model-T, the first ever car made through a production line.. How likely is it that you will marry someone with different religious beliefs to yours? No problem, unless of course they worship to F1, I hate F1, stoopid buggers go in circles..... How likely is it that you will marry someone of different race/colour to yours? All Iswaras are males and although we all come in white, black and other colours, do I look gay to you? But I really want to 'get along' with a Lotus Elise... Do you like children? No. Useless brats always bump into me when I'm parked. Especially if they are on bicycles. Will you the one who tagged you? this question appears incomplete, no? Yee Wei! I am tagging: GPOC (a fellow car on the blogosphere, although it's just an entry) Dev BJ Giant Sotong David Narrowband Note - I know it's weird when a car does a meme. And what the hell does a 'meme' mean?|W|P|112228310959431121|W|P|8555's Marriage Compatibility Test....huh???!!!|W|P|7/24/2005 05:06:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|You guys, this is the last day for submission for the photo contest I am organizing. So far, only Simon and Tanyeewei have submitted their entries. You guys? Don't want free prizes ah? So far it looks as if they won on default! With one more prize to spare! And they thing is I only saw masculine vehicles in those photos? Gimme a female one larrr!!! So there, there is one more spot left. And if you want their chances of winning to become slimmer, send an entry yourself today! Before 12am! jfe8555@gmail.com FOR INFO: DUE TO THE DVDs OF INITIAL D BEING SO POPULAR UNTIL THEY HAVE BEEN SOLD OUT IN NILAI, THE ORGANIZER IS REPLACING THE PRIZES TO INITIAL D: LIVE ACTION MOVIE - VCD VERSION. DON'T WORRY, IT'S THE MASTER COPY. THUS IT'S CLEAR.|W|P|112219641471813408|W|P|The "Me and My Car" Photo Contest ends today!!!|W|P|7/22/2005 07:56:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|You guys should probably know by now after watching so much of Initial D that Takumi perfects his drifts going down the Akina downhill by rotating the water in a cup his father gives him so that he can avoid breaking the tofu he delivers. This concept really fascinates my master, so he hopes to do similarly to improve his skill with me going down the genting downhill, but not for drifting lah...But after he did this.......I really hope he doesn't get any dumber ideas.... Wish me luck guys..... Btw: Have you participated in the "Me and My Car" Photo Contest yet?|W|P|112203387608471805|W|P|Water in cupholder going downhill? I hope Din doesn't get the wrong idea.|W|P|7/20/2005 12:01:00 AM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|I opened my e-mail account inbox (jfe8555@gmail.com) and saw this.... In other words, I have yet to receive an entry for the "Me and My Car" Photo Contest I am organizing. Not very encouraging by the looks of it. Maybe my prizes are not good enough? Yeah well, come to think of it, many don't like Jay Chou anyway. Guys, you have until the 24th of July to send your entry yah. Don't let some great prizes go to waste. :-( *switches on hazard lights*|W|P|112178892100542056|W|P|"Me and My Car" Photo Contest! AN UPDATE/REMINDER|W|P|7/18/2005 10:00:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|Often, we see photos of babies showcased in an English daily every month where the 'cutest' babies would win a prize. Then Mother's and Father's day would come along and the kids would go and pretend all those smiles so they can win a prize instead...(ok, so maybe not all of them). Then there are those scenary photography contests which many go as far as overseas to snap a photo which may bring home a thousand ringgit prize. But what about cars? Did everyone forget about us? The last I remember when people would clamour to get a car photo is when one is at a grand launching or one that is yet to be revealed but photographed at a petrol station. Honestly, I think many people have this steadfast belief that a car is just to enable them to travel from point A to point B. Thus, this is the same mentality as keeping a slave. So, to banish this mentality, I have decided to be proactive and raise a little awareness to recognize cars. But since there is no such thing as a World Car Day (I may be mistaken, who knows it may actually exist, you know humans), I've decided to hold a "Me and My Car" Photo Contest exclusively at this blog. No joke. This is real. For a duration of 01 (One) Week, starting on the 18th of July and ending on the 24th of July, you bloggers (yes, just bloggers) may send me a picture of yourself together with your car, to be judged by me to these criterion (in no particular order); 1. Location of shoot 2. Car's looks 3. Blogger's looks 4. Overall impression and impact 5. Picture clarity 6. Angling and focus creativity For an example, you may take a look at this photo; Now, for the Rules and Regulations 1. This exclusive "Me and My Car" Photo Contest will be organized by this blog owner for a period of one week from 18/07/05 to 24/07/05. Entries received after this duration may only be accepted at the discretion of the blog owner. 2. The picture of the human and car must be real and not photoshopped, for example, Nope...you can't do that.... But if you or your car would like to remain anonymous, you may 'blur' your face and your car's identity (number) plate. 3. Neither Din nor I can participate (shoot, if not we would have won already). 4. Let's say you don't own a car, fine. You may use your Dad's, Mom's, Bro's, Sis's, Uncle's, Boyfriend's, Girlfriend's or even Maid's car as a model. But don't get any wise ideas and go stand next to a Porshe at a motorshow and snap it as an entry ok? 5. Only bloggers are allowed to participate. If you're not a blogger I suggest you open up a blog account for the sake of entering this competition. 6. As mentioned earlier, I want the photo of the human and car to be as real as possible, so please let it be natural, meaning, you don't need Photoshop to add effects (except if you want to protect your identity). You may adjust stuff like brightness and contrast, not add dialouges or the like. 7. All photos (along with name of blogger and blog address) are to be sent to my email address jfe8555@gmail.com , no later than 24th July. 8. project 8-triple-5 will showcase the pictures of the winning photographs along with the blogger's name and blog URL and announce the 03 (three) winners in a single blog entry, to be announced after the end of the contest duration. The blog also reserves the right to publish any other photo sent in for the contest. 9. My decision is final. Now, for all this hard work, there will be PRIZES! And the 3 Grand Prizes are non other than.... a clear copy DVD Initial D: Live Action Movie (Uncle Ho edition) note: in order to facilitate delivery of your prize, kindly provide a mailing address if you win. So, there it is guys and babes, all there is to it. Now, you better send your car to a car wash soon so you can snap your very own prize winning photo! Good luck! p.s. Don't hesitate to leave a comment asking for clarification on certain matters which I may not have mentioned.|W|P|112161631713262456|W|P|The project 8-triple-5 "Me and My Car" Photo Contest! 18/7 to 24/7|W|P|7/18/2005 09:20:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|Heheheh, finally I had another new upgrade for me when Din came back to JB last night. And the day started at 9am for Din, who immediately started my engine and brought me to the Care Cleansing Centre (actually called Golden Coin Auto Wax) for a car wash... This is me before the wash..... I've been a dirrrrrrttyyyy carrrrr.... Posted by Picasa And after 10 minutes..... woohoo~! I'm clean again! Posted by Picasa But that's not all. You may be wondering why my hood was left open like that. That's because prior to that... ...I had an engine wash! Posted by Picasa I'm telling you, your car will really love you if you give him/her an engine wash. It's such a great sensation. cleaning up my insides~...... Posted by Picasa However, my joy of having a car cleansing experience was short-lived, because it rained on the way to Brother's Permas Jaya for the 'main agenda'. what's going to happen? Posted by Picasa $%&^$*&$%$%^$% Rain!!! Anyway, Din went right inside the shop, half-wet, and ordered my upgrades. At that point I still didn't know what I was going to get.... what's with the blue wire? black ones finished ah? Posted by Picasa ...but somehow, those wires gave me a clue..... a bright yellow foglight! human hand not included. Posted by Picasa ....and my guess was confirmed once Din was holding one of those in his hand. Yahoo~! Foglights! I'm sooooo gonna look good. my power comes from here (so what if its just 83 horsepower?!) Posted by Picasa Power had to come from my battery of course. While then, you can stare at the engine I have and maybe if you really sympatize with me, you can send an Evo7 engine to me? heheheheh, lame.... there is room for the foglight's switch....notice my nice pedals? ;-) Posted by Picasa Good thing there was an empty space for a switch to be installed. a bracket is screwd on... Posted by Picasa 'brothers' consulting each other... Posted by Picasa These 'brothers', since they work at Brother's might as well call them that right, are real cool. In other words, they are real street smart Ah Bengs. But when an Ah Beng goes to far....this is what can happen. Hopefully, Din will remain sane not not think of committing such a stuooopid idea. an attachment is made.....kinda makes you feel like your eyeball is dangling out of your socket eh? Posted by Picasa looking good already... :-) Posted by Picasa Hohoho...it really matches my appearance. testing phase.... Posted by Picasa they are both up..... Posted by Picasa ....and are functional! Posted by Picasa I'm so-the-happy! This is so going to increase my chances to get along with some female cars....heheheh. And soon, you will find a familiar figure at night on the East Coast Highway and on the Genting Highlands Mountain Road. the 'ganas' look at night! move over AE86! There's a new car on the hillblock.... Posted by Picasa Heheheh, watch out.|W|P|112169309647607065|W|P|I had new FOGLIGHTS installed today!|W|P|7/18/2005 03:42:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P| Yeah, guess what these 'brothers' are doing to me. The blue wire is a clue. Entry coming soon......... *revs engine*|W|P|112167272370248290|W|P|Guess what these 'brothers' are doing to me.|W|P|7/15/2005 10:36:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|You guys, you simply have to see this drift music video compiled and mixed by my master's younger brother, Zulkifli". Special thanks to Jason and David for advice on free video hosting. You can download Drift, here. Enjoy guys! By the way, the song used in this video is Story Of The Year - Razorblades. |W|P|112143872670165717|W|P|Really cool drift music video made by master's bro. (Download it!)|W|P|7/14/2005 05:21:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P| Yeah well, I know I'm not the most perfect car around as a few hundred thousand fellow brothers, but I guess I have the most unique backside a car can ever have..... no? Of course it looks rugged (ignore the P sticker yah) but it would look nicer if my rear arch was curved and my reverse indicators were incorporated into my taillights ala an Iswara A/B LMSS version. And that version even has a roof spoiler, nevermind it shouldn't exist but boy does it look cool. And I guess a 'horny' bee-sting antenna ala Toyota Vios would spice up my roof eh? Sigh... I wish I could have some surgery to look better. But to Din, my performance is an issue he has to deal with first.|W|P|112133343334345207|W|P|Don't you think I have a nice rear?|W|P|7/11/2005 05:35:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P| Actually, it could be sooner than you think. A bedtime story of my own. Inspired by minishorts.net. Don't keep your expectations that high people. It's a work in progress. It's an experiment. It's a mini-project. Yeah... mini-project8-triple-5. Maybe coming to a blog (this one!) near you.... Stay tuned... ;-)|W|P|112107492377650451|W|P|8555 vs. AE86 (an ''underground'' battle)|W|P|7/11/2005 05:22:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|What do you do when you reach home after a sweaty and muddy game of football in the rain? What would you do the minute you get into your house after a long day of shopping? What do you want to usually do when you reach home after a sticky day at school? TAKE A BATH. Or of course, the modern equivalent is to 'take a shower'. You guys and babes do this everyday, perhaps twice or thrice a day. You do it when you get up in the morning before you go to work/school/lepak, you do it after you reach home from work/school/lepak and some do it before going to sleep so they can get really, really comfortable. Unfortunately, I'm not as lucky as you humans. I only get my equivalent of a bath at most, once a month, only when Din comes back from Genting. And everytime he reaches home at night, he would come over to me to say hi and see if I need any urgent attention anywhere. He would then do a finger test on my hood and make a mental note to take me to the car wash centre the first thing the following morning at around 10am. And I so look forward to the next mornings. Of course, sometimes we go to the car wash centre before or after Din gets a haircut somewhere. (Can't let the dandruff stay there permanantly right? They are not paying rent). We would arrive at this car wash centre very near to McDonalds, it's situated behind a tyre shop in Permas 10. Once we reach there, the taukeh himself would direct me and my driver to park at an available space. Din would then get out and hand over my ignition keys to a Car Cleansing Supervisor (somehow, the term 'Car Wash mini-boss from Indon' doesn't quite cut it). More often than not, the Car Cleansing Supervisor (CCS) would repark me somewhere closer to the high-pressure water-guns. After he turns down my radio which blasts out the music of Linkin Park, the CCS would then instruct a team of Car Cleansing Officers (in these modern times, even the term 'car washers' are not politically-correct). And all this while when Din goes to a nearby McDonalds to have his McBreakfast, a team of these CCOs, proudly wearing the car wash joint's T-shirt and walking around in PVC boots or plastic sandals (whatever makes them happy) would come and attend to me. This is a rare moment where a group of humans would be attending to a car's cleansing process at the same time. Hahah, you humans are so pathetic, you take a bath without other people cleansing you.....OK, maybe sometimes they are exceptions. But you don't pay them to give you a bath isn't it? My master parts with his cash so that a GROUP of PEOPLE would CLEANSE ME. Muahahahahahahahah. So the process goes like a pit stop. A guy would pop open my hood (for the rare times Din decides to get me an engine wash...I so love Din.... no no no...not gay OK?). Then another guy would proceed to take out all my inner mats full of MBJB Parking Coupon stubs for a good scrubbing elsewhere. Then after a special CCO secures my sensitive parts within my engine with a plastic bag, the moment I have been waiting for would arrive. THE SNOW FOAM! Yahoo~! (no, I'm not promoting their search engine). The foam would then be spurted out from a rubber hose from a special machine that looks like a big vacuum cleaner but obviously isn't one. A grand total of ONE CCO would cover me from roof to tyres, from front bumper to my rear bumper and also my engine bay with the snow foam. This is my only chance to look white (coz I'm dark grey what). And this is also they only way I can brag to those cars washed by their masters, alone, at their home. I can go, "I had a few CCOs cleanse me at the same time" or "Hahahah, how qualified is your master to wash you?" and my personal favourite, "Got foam?" Muahahahahahah. yeah, i know, in this pic, it looks as if a big bird took a dump on me Immediately after I got covered with the foam, a CCO team would give me a good hard scrubbing everywhere including my engine bay. "Ahhhh....ahhh.....yeah.......", This sensation is equivalent to when you humans go for your massage sessions (what the hell else were you thinking???!!!) But of course, I would get a ticklish sensation in my engine bay when the CCO's brush would graze over my engine hood and horn (Yes, I'm ticklish there, don't tell anyone). And then, after the scrubbing ends, they would shoot me with high-pressure water guns to expose my gleaming body to the world....well, at least it sounded dramatic. Nevermind. After that while the special CCO cleans my engine bay, the other CCOs, equipped with Good Morning towels would wipe me dry, then open up my doors to clean up my interior from all those dust. So by now, Din would have returned to see what was happening to me. Just in time to see me driven to an indoor location to be vacuumed. There and then my future master would part with his cash (RM15 for snow and engine wash combo, great deal eh?) and pick up my ignition keys. Din would then get into my cabin full of the fresh smell of Febreeze and adjust all my mirrors which were wiped earlier. And for our grand exit , he would then depress my horn to say thanks to the experts at the car wash centre. And with a vroom, off we go into the city to pick up new dust and smoke to get on my body and into my radiator.....Well, at least I would still be cleaner than the others. ;-)|W|P|112107422802478149|W|P|The pleasures of a car wash|W|P|7/08/2005 06:08:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|This happened a long time ago, and I'm so proud of myself, this is really pistons-enlarging material. My master, Din wanted to get home fast (toilet-related action) from JB City after dropping of his sister at school on a Saturday morning. So we were nearing this Bakar Batu area to get to Permas Jaya. Bakar Batu is like a kampung environment, with a straight 2 lane road about 1km long from start (a curve to enter it) to finish (a curve joining to a straight 1 lane road leading to the Permas Jaya bridge. The 2 lane Bakar Batu road leading to Permas Jaya also has a twin 2-lane road leading to the city, these roads are parrellal but are divided by two rows of kampung houses, so you can't see the other side. Now, a little bit of intro about the 2-lane road leading to Permas Jaya. The left and right sides of the road are quite different in nature. The one on the left is more even but there are two small lorongs joining into that lane (meaning in a traffic jam, this would be the slower lane), while the right hand side is bumpy because it is uneven and there are a lot of potholes, dangerous to the right hand side tyres and suspension. Plus, to make matters worse, there are 2 sundry shops located on the right side of the lane, meaning there would be lorries unloading goods to be delivered to the shop and they will park on the very narrow road shoulder; 20% of these lorries bodies will be on the lane. Plus there are people walking on the road shoulder and it is not uncommon for the distance from a car's side mirror to the person walking being the length of a mere 20cm. That's how close shaves are. Oh by the way, the road has a total of 3 speed bumps; one just before a traffic crossing to Sek Ren Bakar Batu, and two back-to-back at the end of the road making a 90 degrees curved turn to the right to go to Permas Jaya. In short, if there is less traffic, the right lane is more difficult to drive on. OK, so on with the story. Before entering the curve to the Bakar Batu road, there was this idiot in a BMW 5 Series (not sure which exact model, but it was manufactured before year 2000) driving quite fast over the centre line. Of course, needless to say this was a stupid act. So Din couldn't overtake the nutcase to get by faster. However, it was a KL registered identity plate on the Beemer. So, there is a chance the man (yes, he was wearing a cap with sunglasses, around 28 years old I suppose) wouldn't really know about the long Bakar Batu road. I was right because on a tight right turn to the Bakar Batu road, the Beemer which was driving fast strafed to the left lane. Now, Din who drove this stretch hundreds of times knows how fast he needs to go and how late he needs to brake to make the hard right turn to get into the right lane. He did and I and the Beemer were even 5 metres before the first speed-bump. Din gave the Beemer driver a look, the other guy returned the look. I gave the Beemer a lok, he revved to indicate, 'eat my dust'. I revved back, 'I'll see you in my rear-view'. The road was empty of traffic on both lanes but Din and I were at a disadvantage as there was a lorry on that lane parked next to a shop. And it began. I was shifted into 2nd gear, once my two front wheels crossed the speed bump, Din gently pressed the accelerator so that by the time my two rear tyres crossed the speed bump, I could be shifted into 3rd gear. I was shifted, and already had a half car lead. Then the lorry was 10 metres away. Din drove me on the lane as near as possible to the centre line, and we managed to get by safely. The Beemer was now even with us because of this cautious move. We were approaching the 2 back-to back speed bumps and who ever manages to clear them first would be the winner (driving into the single lane first). Whatver happened then happened so fast. All I could remember was that my cltuch was depresed from 4th to 3rd to 2nd gear and back to 3rd then back to 2nd and then shifted back to 3rd gear upon making the tight right turn. All the while while avoiding the potholes on the extreme right hand side of the lane. Wooohooo~! The Beemer was still clearing the third speed bump while we made the turn! We're the winner! Yeah~! And what a Noob the Beemer driver turned out to be. i bet he was cursing his car's automatic transmission. His Beemer didn't look too happy either. Heheheheh. Isn't it great when you have a master who has memorized the route completely and a car great for negotiationg speed bumps and potholes? ;-)|W|P|112081739933035034|W|P|8555 vs. Beemer 5 Series on a long straight road with 3 speed bumps and potholes|W|P|7/05/2005 10:10:00 PM|W|P|JFE 8555|W|P|In my life as an Iswara Aeroback 1.3, there is one significant regret. Blame my idiot parents Proton for not doing anything about this. My rear wheel arch. It's ugly. rear arch - actual Posted by Picasa I want it something like this. My master is seriously contemplating on knocking it into shape. rear arch - desired Posted by Picasa Before you guys laugh saying the modification can't be done and such a thing is too absurd to be done, take a look at this. lo and behold! the Petronas-PERT Iswara 4WD rally car! Posted by Picasa Once upon a time, the ISWARA was a RALLY CAR! And a good one too! Now do you have a rough idea on how I want to look like? Look closer. yes, your eye's are not deceiving you. the rear wheel arch is curved. (notice he's a really macho looking racing machine? lucky him) Posted by Picasa Yes, the rear arch is indeed curved. The Iswara 4WD Turbo rally car is my idol. For further info and more pictures on him, you can click here. Until then, I'll keep my hopes up.|W|P|112057313011711339|W|P|My biggest regret in an Iswara Aeroback body? My rear wheel arch.|W|P|